18 October 2019 – 19 April 2020

From 18th October, the Busan Museum of Art is showing a solo exhibition by Antony Gormley entitled FEEL. This represents the inaugural event in a new series called “Lee Ufan and His Friends” at Space Lee Ufan. The first solo exhibition in Korea of new works by Gormley will include sculptures FALL II, DOUSE, STREAM, and REACH III from his ‘Rooter’ series, together with 16 drawings.

The works apply plant-like branching systems to map a human body in space: ‘A root hair is constantly searching the interstices between sand, rock and loam. It is about the most tender thing you can find but it is what allows the system to gather its energy from its environment. I love what a root is as a metaphor but also what it is as a system. Let’s think of the space of the body as an unknown and start a three-dimensional exploration. It is a system that feels its way into this bodily darkness and touches the bounding condition, sometimes even breaking through it. That sense of exposing the unknowable to the light is important to me.’

These sculptures are made of iron: the core material of the earth. Their dark surface has been created through the sculpture’s immersion in a tank of tannic acid, a process