Krak but Not cocaine in Mag Gallery in Krakow, Pl

Krak but Not cocaine in Mag Gallery in Krakow, Pl

‘Krak… but not cocaine‘ exhibition in Mag Gallery was received exceptionally well by the local audience and gathered a lot of interesting people. It was wonderful experience to show my art in Krakow and I would like to thank Carolina Khouri for collaboration on this exhibition, Andrzej Franaszek for inviting us to Mag Gallery and Pawel Piatkowski for linking and sharing ideas.

At the opening we welcomed academicians, critics, artists, collectors as well as friends and relatives. We were honoured that one of our guest – Jacek Ostaszewski (Osjan) not only joined us for the opening night but improvised on his favourite flute. His performance made a wonderful artistic addition.

IMG_4439  IMG_4434 IMG_4474

The exhibition design create minimalist atmosphere giving lots of space to enjoy every object, sculpture, painting. During the exhibition period Anna Baranowa visited it with her students as a part of academic tutorial. Have a quick walk through the exhibition.

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