‘Shrouding’_21 – 27 March 2016_Exhibition at Julian Hartnoll Gallery

‘Shrouding’_21 – 27 March 2016_Exhibition at Julian Hartnoll Gallery

‘Shrouding’ is Wojtek A. Sobczynski’s 8th Easter exhibition at Julian Hartnoll Gallery

21 – 27 March 2016

Julian Hartnoll Gallery
· 37 Duke Street St James’s
· London
· SW1Y 6DF

Shrouding”, my 8th Exhibition at Julian Hartnoll Gallery.
I don’t know where I am going, but I am getting there - Bob Dylan
The forgoing is an attempt to shed some light about the way I work and translate the visual content, giving it some meaning and helping the viewer just as much as it is helping me, the maker, in understanding the outcome. Dylans words quoted here describe the creative process very well. It is a mixture of conscious, life-experience based process and instinctive-subconscious impulses. Another words – it is a balance between the rigor of rules and the freedom of improvisation.
Over a year ago I have embarked on a new series of artworks exploring properties of painted fabric intended as free standing ‘object d’art’. Slung over a variety of structures, they appear to cover or conceal the semi-hidden space, thus attracting the term “Shrouding”, which in itself symbolizes the whole host of interlinked historic and artistic traditions.

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