‘Squaring the Circle’ is the new collective project of Page 6 group

‘Squaring the Circle’ is the new collective project of Page 6 group

‘Squaring the Circle’ is an idea and a title of a new undertaking on which the art group Page 6 have embarked. It is aimed in equal measure at all Page 6 members as a thought provoking concept whilst resolving a joint project.

A symbolic reference is made to Leonardo da Vinci study known as The Vitruvian Man, in which the artist attempts to draw the ideal proportions of a human figure set against the basic geometric shapes of a square and a circle, whereby he touches on an age old mathematical conundrum of ‘Quadrature of a Circle’.

Members of the Page 6, with a diverse artistic practices and philosophies join forces in an attempt to exploit the apparent paradox without preconditions. The one and only unifying factor is the artwork size, a necessary common denominator, a linking ‘circle’ in a joint installation. An exhibition without apparent conventions in which all Page 6 artists explore the limits of the ‘individual versus collective’ .

The project ‘Squaring the Circle’ consists of 20 canvases measuring 100 x 100 cm.

The linkage between them attempts to establish experimental narratives through multi layered exposition.

The self imposed format of 4 square meters for each artist and subsequent modular choreography of the show harnesses the exhibition into a single vehicle whilst preserving the creative freedoms of each participating artists, their outlook on the contemporary world – be it artistic, technological, political or environmental. It is the absence of artistic constraints which underscores ‘Squaring the the Circle’ and makes this project such an exciting possibility.